Our office is a small privately owned and operated office offering a full range of denture services. Licensed Denturist, Megan Higgins is a trained laboratory technician with an expanded education to encompass clinical aspects of patient care!

 A denturist degree is different from a dentist degree, as a denturist education is focused only on removable prosthetics, not on hygiene, extractions, or invasive tooth restorations. After many years in the industry, one thing is sure, dentures are an inadequate replacement for the natural teeth we were intended to use for eating everyday.

 Despite the circumstances that brought you to require a full or partial removable dental prosthetic, in our office you will always be greeted with a professional, knowledgeable environment where there is no place for judgement. Our commitment to you as our patient, is to provide you with all the information needed to make the most of your removable appliance. 

We guarantee an experience that is both mindful of your wallet and considerate of your individual needs. With our lab conveniently located in the office we are able to offer services such as same day repairs to dentures and partials and personalized treatment to ensure your satisfaction with your care, and your

Committed to your dental health and well-being

Denture Dynamics is dedicated to improving the oral health of our patients. We believe in providing empathetic and compassionate care, ensuring that every patient feels comfortable and supported throughout their dental journey. Our denturist and friendly staff are committed to working with you regardless of income level or oral health condition were here to help you restore your smile! 

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