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Let's get to know one another. Consultations are where we recommend starting our relationship. This gives you the chance to discuss your care and build a treatment plan with no obligation. Because your dental health is our top priority, we strive to provide you with the highest quality denture care. That is why we keep abreast of new dental techniques and continually improve our professional skill and judgment. Most importantly, we are sensitive to our patients’ feelings and encourage open communication about your care. At your initial visit, we will listen carefully to your dental concerns and answer all of your questions thoroughly. Anticipate a discussion of the most appropriate treatment to meet your oral health goals and needs. 


Full Denture

With our lab conveniently located in the office, dentures are made right in our newly built, modern dental lab above the office. Dentures are challenging to wear but also to build, it is important to our process that we establish open communication about what works best so that together we may achieve the best result possible. There are few things in this life more precious to us than visiting with friends and family over a good meal. Our goal is to help you achieve eating comfortably and smiling confidently so that you can enjoy these moments and stay healthy.


Immediate Denture

Getting ready for dentures for the first time can be a daunting experience many people procrastinate about for years. Nobody wants to lose their teeth and the decision to have them out is different for everyone. Most denture wearers have been suffering with dental issues for years prior to finally undertaking the process of having their remaining teeth extracted and having dentures placed. Every treatment plan is specific to each patient so as you start your journey to learn more about the process keep in mind, it may be your first denture but it isn't ours. We will help and guide you through the changes so you can again enjoy eating meals with friends and family.


Partial Denture

Partial dentures are often a necessary dental appliance to help a person chew their food or to complete a smile. When a person has the opportunity to keep some of their natural teeth, it is often a better option that transitioning to a full denture. We work with multiple local dental offices to help complete a treatment plan that includes care of your natural teeth as well as replacement of missing teeth. It is very important to secure a partial denture only onto sound teeth that are free from infection and decay and to organize a continuing care plan that includes a dental hygienist to assist in keeping your natural teeth healthy. Just as you are unique, every partial has a unique set of circumstances that often require a consultation visit to discuss the particulars of your care.


Reline and Rebase

Refitting existing dentures is a common request for us to get and has many answers. People often talk about "getting a reline" but in our world, there are many ways to refit a denture and each answer we give is tailored to what is happening with you as an individual. There are temporary relines, soft relines, hard relines, new hard bases and sometimes a combination of different things. The most important thing we need to do is assess why your denture isn't fitting and what procedural steps it will take to fix it. At the denture consultation we can talk about what answer is best for you.


Denture Repair

With our lab conveniently located on site, same day repairs are typically available. Whether you've dropped your denture in a porcelain sink, or your furry four-legged friend thought it would be a good chew toy, we may be able to repair it! Please call ahead before dropping off any denture repair to ensure we're available to see you.



Who We Are

Megan E Higgins LD

Hi, I’m Megan, a proud Maine native I grew up in Calais. With over two decades of experience, my journey began right out of high school as  a chairside assistant. I eventually decided to further my education and focus my attention toward denturism.  I graduated from George Brown Collège in Toronto in 2008. Little did I know, I’d find myself among the fortunate few who can genuinely say, “I love my job.” Balancing science and art, there’s a unique joy in restoring someone’s smile.

Beyond the dental world, I’m a mom to three incredible girls and a squad of pets. Catch me exploring the outdoors through hiking, fishing, kayaking, or indulging my creative side with various DIY projects when I’m not crafting beautiful smiles.

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